Service Orchestration

Unleashing the potential for SP end-user services

Inango Service Orchestration allows ISP’s to deliver software services faster, in greater numbers and more cost-effectively than ever before. The result is an improved user experience, true product differentiation and better capitalization of the existing infrastructure.

At the heart of the system is an Orchestration platform that is installed at the ISP data center. It handles the entire life-cycle of services: from authenticating users, deploying the services, optimizing communication channels, managing users and their profiles and tracking performance of the services after they are activated. Based on modern virtualization techniques, the platform is designed for maximum scale and sustainability for the broadest portfolio of services.

Inango Service Orchestration is fully automated and supports a range of software services Inango as well as 3rd parties.


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Persistent Management Agent

The Persistent Management Agent (PMA) is used to allow Network Management Systems to manage DPU systems that may not be on-line. This is particularly useful in systems where the DPU’s are line-powered and may not have power at any given point in time.

Inango’s Fast-PMA supports both and DPUs but is designed to extend easily for other technologies. It acts as an intelligent proxy device for each of the managed DPUs, storing commands until they can be executed, saving system configuration and more.  It also include the PMAA (aggregation) function necessary to support many devices on a server.


The Fast-PMA communicates with deployed devices via standard Netconf, ensuring full independence from the DPU provider. But it also allows for northbound interfaces to the NMS over SNMP for easier integration with existing services. (Note: SNMP interworking may require some customization).
Moreover, since it is based on OpenDaylight, it can easily be extended by adding SDN functionality for network virtualization (an optional add-on).


ZIKIT Test Engine

An Automated Test Engine

ZIKIT is based on an improved version of the Robot test framework ( along with sets of keywords with which a huge variety of tests may be written.
We use ZIKIT at Inango for testing everything we write: from web-driven user interfaces, management schemes, network traffic handling and stress, regression and system testing.
Our engine is available for free along with the standard (Robot) keywords; the full set of our keywords are available under license.
We have pre-written test suites for specific purposes (available under license), including:
Yocto testing
Tests dependency definitions (missing, redundant or indirect).
Build all required configurations automatically tests
A suite of tests for DPU equipment, including interactions with the PMA.
Management tests
Automatic testing of management interfaces via supported schemes (Netconf, SNMP, TR-069, web and CLI). Table walks, get/sets and more.


Ask us how ZIKIT can be tailored for you.

DPU Systems

Inango offers a complete Distribution Point Unit (DPU) solution for OEMs.

The DPU connects to homes via an existing physical infrastructure (phone lines or coaxial cables) using technologies such as MoCA, or to provide high-speed Internet access to home owners.

The DPU Software, provided in source code form, is a complete operational system, including support for QoS, user authentication, Ethernet OAM, provisioning and more. It is fully field-upgradeable. Furthermore, the DPU is fully SDN-aware, supporting OpenFlow communication with the SDN server and modules for publicizing information about network interfaces and connectivity.

It is based on a highly portable architecture and supports a variety of network processors, switches and FPGA-based platforms. The main functional modules of the DPU are shown below. As with all Inango products, we offer extensions and customization through our professional services group.