Persistent Management Agent

Jul 12, 2020

The Persistent Management Agent (PMA) is used to allow Network Management Systems to manage DPU systems that may not be on-line. This is particularly useful in systems where the DPU’s are line-powered and may not have power at any given point in time.

Inango’s Fast-PMA supports both and DPUs but is designed to extend easily for other technologies. It acts as an intelligent proxy device for each of the managed DPUs, storing commands until they can be executed, saving system configuration and more.  It also include the PMAA (aggregation) function necessary to support many devices on a server.


The Fast-PMA communicates with deployed devices via standard Netconf, ensuring full independence from the DPU provider. But it also allows for northbound interfaces to the NMS over SNMP for easier integration with existing services. (Note: SNMP interworking may require some customization).
Moreover, since it is based on OpenDaylight, it can easily be extended by adding SDN functionality for network virtualization (an optional add-on).