DPU Systems

Jul 12, 2020

Inango offers a complete Distribution Point Unit (DPU) solution for OEMs.

The DPU connects to homes via an existing physical infrastructure (phone lines or coaxial cables) using technologies such as MoCA, G.hn or G.fast to provide high-speed Internet access to home owners.

The DPU Software, provided in source code form, is a complete operational system, including support for QoS, user authentication, Ethernet OAM, provisioning and more. It is fully field-upgradeable. Furthermore, the DPU is fully SDN-aware, supporting OpenFlow communication with the SDN server and modules for publicizing information about network interfaces and connectivity.

It is based on a highly portable architecture and supports a variety of network processors, switches and FPGA-based platforms. The main functional modules of the DPU are shown below. As with all Inango products, we offer extensions and customization through our professional services group.