Inango Joins the prpl Foundation and the prplMesh project

Apr 20, 2020

Inango has joined the prpl Foundation, an open-source, community-driven, not-for-profit consortium with a focus on enabling the security and interoperability of embedded devices for the smart society of the future.

“By joining the prpl Foundation we can bring our extensive experience from other Residential Gateway distributions such as OpenWrt and RDK-B to prpl.”, said Jonathan Masel, CEO and founder of Inango. “We are excited to participate in this important initiative for the industry. Our hope is that by leveraging our past work, together with our current products such as Virtual Services, we can help to further enrich the prpl offerings.”

In addition to joining the prpl Foundation Inango Systems will participate in development of the prplMesh project – an open-source, carrier-grade implementation of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Multi-AP specification, certifiable as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™.

“Inango provides a breadth of experience from the home networking industry and we are excited to be able to put their expertise to work in the prpl Foundation” said Robert Ferreira, president of the prpl Foundation. “Inango’s contributions will greatly help drive our prplMesh project into various products and platforms based on prplWRT or RDK-B.”
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