Introducing Virtual Services – Smart Deployment of End-User Services

By Jonathan Masel, CEO

Mar 25, 2020

In our previous blogs we established the power of the in-home network and the opportunity it creates for service providers wishing to leverage it and offer their customers a range of end-user services such as Parental Control, Anti-Virus, Wi-Fi Diagnostics and many others. Alas, we have also seen that this opportunity is hampered by the challenges of deploying these services on the home router.

The business case is compelling. The market for cloud services is already huge (estimated at $221B) and growing fast. But until there are efficient ways of unleashing the power of our networks and the routers controlling them in cost-effective and scalable ways, much of the potential will remain untapped. Offerings will remain hampered by endless software integrations, memory shortages and no clear way to grow.

Today, Inango is proudly announcing its new and updated website, where it provides in-depth information and updates of its Virtual Services solution, allowing Service Providers to take ownership of the end-user services opportunity and remove the barriers to its rapid deployment. Service Providers at last have a practical, robust way to unshackle their router and offer their customers a virtual supermarket of services.



Virtual Services is a service delivery platform that enables Service Providers to offer a consistent, fast and scalable way to deploy an unlimited range of end-user services offerings, taking full advantage of the routers yet avoiding their limitations. It is based on a Service Launcher that runs at a data-center and acts as a virtual extension to the on-premise routers. The Launcher communicates with a small (one-time) client that is integrated on the router on one hand and to the range of end-user services on the other. It is the platform on which all of the services are deployed.



Since the Launcher is a virtual part of the router, the end-user services above it run as if they are physically located on the router itself. They have access to any data passing through the router and to all of the router’s system (hardware, drivers and networking system). Only now, there are no software integration projects, no memory restrictions and no messy field deployments: new services are deployed literally at the flick of a switch.

This approach has huge advantages for Service Providers and the companies producing the end-user services alike. New services are deployed without touching the installed base of routers (once our Client is installed). The service offering is identical over all the customer base, regardless of which routers are used and where. There is a single point of maintenance, with a platform that shares functionality among all services. And there is practically no limit to the number or range of services that may be deployed in this way. It is a solution designed for growth.

All sound a little too good to be true? Have a look at our new Virtual Service web site for more details. We are happy to explain more and arrange a demo. Just send an email and we’ll be in touch.