ZIKIT Test Engine

An Automated Test Engine

Mar 12, 2018
ZIKIT is based on an improved version of the Robot test framework (robotframework.org) along with sets of keywords with which a huge variety of tests may be written.
We use ZIKIT at Inango for testing everything we write: from web-driven user interfaces, management schemes, network traffic handling and stress, regression and system testing.
Our engine is available for free along with the standard (Robot) keywords; the full set of our keywords are available under license.
We have pre-written test suites for specific purposes (available under license), including:
Yocto testing
Tests dependency definitions (missing, redundant or indirect).
Build all required configurations automatically
G.fast/PMA tests
A suite of tests for G.fast DPU equipment, including interactions with the PMA.
Management tests
Automatic testing of management interfaces via supported schemes (Netconf, SNMP, TR-069, web and CLI). Table walks, get/sets and more.


Ask us how ZIKIT can be tailored for you.