WinPath WP3 supported in OpenWRT

Oct 23, 2015

Inango announces the support of MicroSemi’s (Wintegra) WinPath WP3 processors in its OpenWRT distribution. This gives our customers the ability to run a standard distribution with access to hundreds of packages that are available from any OpenWRT repository.
We have enhanced the standard MicroSemi offering in many ways in this distribution.
All parts of the system (including winmon) are provided as standard OpenWRT packages and may be configured, built and integrated in to the system as such.
The kernel has been upgraded (from 2.20 to 3.19) and the entire build process cleaned up.
A special recovery mode has been built in to winmon to support field recovery in the case of corrupted flash.
And the kernel and root file system no longerneed be loaded in to RAM. Each part may be used directly from flash if desired, saving considerabe RAM space.