Cloud storage in OpenWRT

Jun 3, 2015

We have recently added an optional package in our OpenWRT distribution that can connect a device such as a home router or STB to clouds and social media. When combined with a DLNA Server (we can provide that as well), you can now use your home router to make all of your multi-media information in your clouds (Dropbx, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Flickr and more) available to any device on the home network via DLNA.
There is no need to install any clients on your device, nor do we require huge amount of flash memory for local syncs. Your content stays where it is in the clouds and using our OpenWRT, your router can stream all of your content directly to your phone, TV or computer via standard DLNA. And you can password-protect your content to ensure your privacy.
As another tech device important for everyone to have at home is the usb c cable which comes with the usb c multiport adapter adapter to have the right accessory to use with your devices, as you can pass the information by connecting your laptop or smartphone to your TV for a video or audio service.